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Who are we?

We are in the business of Beauty. We create natural effortless beauty. We believe that this is the essence of 'luxury'. Even simple spaces are opportunities for luxury. We design our projects inside out and are acutely focused on lifestyle narratives that occur in our projects. We premeditate on beauty in a wide range of events and then fine-tune our space to contribute to, and sustain, these beautiful events, which are the emotional history of our projects.


White 3 refers to three ideas of white, which we work with, in all our projects. The first refers to light. All colours of light and shade eventually merge into white. As such, all our projects are about the quality of light they contain. We believe that light is luxury. The second refers to a sense of purity. Purity of idea, space and materiality. A carefully edited material palette reinforces this sense of purity. Finally, the third one refers to a sense of refined noise, in the sense of a white noise. This is the last and probably the most subtle design element we focus on. It deals with sound, both audible as well as visual. It is what lends the architecture a sense of 'wabi',a presence that is alive.

Our Players

Chaitaniya Karnik

Principal Architect & Partner

Chaitaniya graduated from the Academy of Architecture and then got his Masters from UCLA. He is an architect, artist, filmmaker and studies the Rudra Veena from Ustad Mohi Baba-UD-Din Dagar. He has worked on Hollywood luxury homes in America and England and handled multiscalar projects all over the world. He brings more than 15 years of design-build experience to the table. As principal architect at White3 he is directly involved in every micro detail ranging from the building itself to the silverware and other appointments within them. He begins each design imagining the project in a specific landscape and spends sleepless nights visualising every narrative of the project before putting a single idea down on paper. He is assiduously committed to creating places where our clients can create their histories in an environment of effortless luxury.

Shane Pedder

Projects Director & Partner

Shane Pedder, Projects Director of the maverick team White3 met Chaitaniya Karnik by chance on a friend’s project in Alibaug. After working together on a personal home Shane was constructing, their client architect relationship soon developed into a partnership resulting in the formation of White3.

Shane got his business training first hand through his family empire of Pedder Tiles, who are leaders in the ceramic tiles industry. He later spent 5 years in Australia in the construction industry; learning from ground up, the importance on being of site as opposed to hypothesising in a classroom. Having helmed large scale projects in India and abroad, Shane has now returned to his passion; that of creating luxury spaces for people to live and dream in.